I’m a visual masseuse.
A communicator.
A Lorem Ipsum eliminator,
but above all else, I am a storyteller.

I take concepts and words and translate them into visual images or stories.

My love for computers and art started as a child. I remember my first computer, an Amiga, and using Deluxe Paint – an early Photoshop clone. I knew then I had to work with computers and pretty pictures when I grew up. After sorta growing up, I studied Multimedia and Design at Call State East Bay and graduated in 2008. My experience as a chipper late night pizza slinger, retail minion and a designer working with packaging, marketing and copywriting gives me a lot to draw inspiration from. My work has been featured in Sur La Table, Amazon and Ross.

I’m an east coast native, but now call California home after almost a decade. I also love animation, spinning and all things pop culture.